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For Founders Who Want To Stand Out And Gain a Competitive Advantage By Thinking Differently

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Creative Hackers Is A No BS Strategy and Innovation Consultancy

Disruptive Creative Thinking

According to NASA's research only 2% of adults know how to apply creative thinking and innovate.

Everybody is solving the same problems with the same narrow thinking. Markets get crowded as a result.

I help founders think differently. I help them to see opportunities others don't.

I use innovation frameworks and strategic direction with founders and CEOs who want to stand out and gain a competitive advantage.

Competitive Advantage

Most markets are crowded. Globalisation is commoditising businesses.

Your product and service is the same as your competitors.
Stop following the crowd.
Find uncontested gaps in the market.

We create a strategy canvas and analyse your competitors value proposition, then we find gaps, opportunities and disruptive strategies to give you a competitive advantage.

Increase value, become a thought leader, get more clients and make more money.

Create New Income Streams

Solve new problems. Or solve the same problems, differently.

I use creative strategic frameworks to spot opportunities for founders.

We use strategy boards and sessions to look for new connections, we blend different concepts from other markets to seek new ideas.

Some markets are so saturated they are devoid of opportunities...but most aren't.


Strategy is misunderstood by many. A good strategy is simple: It's a series of decisions we take in order to provide the market with more value in a unique way.

It's your roadmap. It breeds confidence. It's not that many founders know exactly what to do and are failing.

They don't know what direction to take. Analysis paralysis kicks in and they do nothing. This is a terrible plan.

Having an overarching creative strategy removes the overwhelming anxiety of uncertainty and you can compete with courage and conviction.

An Innovation Culture

Elon Musk's competitive strategy is "pace of innovation" Fortunately, for us, we're not competing with Elon Musk.

But, we are competing in our markets. Instilling an innovation culture in your team is the No.1 skill to build a long term competitive advantage.

Pixar, Apple and Google innovation teams all use frameworks to solve problems and create opportunities.

I create bespoke Innovation and Strategy workshops to teach teams ( 10 max) the same frameworks.

Mental Contrasting

Mental models have been used by Aristotle, Einstein and Charlie Munger to make better decisions.
One of the most important models in strategic planning is mental contrasting.
It is proven to add up 60% to the success rate of projects.

In simple terms, it's inversion thinking. Consider all the possible causes of failure and have plans in place to overcome them when they inevitably arise.

Plan for the best.
Be prepared for the worst.

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Three Creative Strategy Packages

Unsure which one suits best? Get in contact to discuss

1. Workshops

Either 1-2-1 or for groups up to 10. Disruptive creative workshops teach people the frameworks and strategies to create breakthrough ideas and disrupt their markets.

All innovation teams in the world's most creative companies use frameworks to think differently.

Each bespoke workshop is created around the founder and or their teams problems.

2. Consultancy For Founders

3 month deep dive with 6 x 90 minute 1-2-1 strategy calls and full email support.

Together we co-create a strategy canvas to analyse your competitors value proposition. We spot gaps and opportunities for your differentiate and disrupt your market segment.

We then build and execute a disruptive creative strategy that will remove uncertainty and gain you a competitive advantage.

3. Consultancy For SMEs

This is an entirely bespoke package designed around the complexity and size of the strategic problem.

This could be for any one of the following:
• Instilling an innovation culture in your company
• Dealing with a direct pricing strategy from competitors
• Competitive intelligence: Disrupting markets
• Creating a thought leadership strategy
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Nice stuff people have said about my work

“Jake, I truly cannot thank you enough for the wonderful gift you’ve shared with me.

My brain was abuzz with all sorts of ideas, those ideas begetting other ideas, all day yesterday and upon waking up this morning. It’s certainly a frame of mind that I want to bask in forever. 

Our session removed my myopic boxed in thinking and helped me see a clear path for the business without feeling stuck.

I’m holding a meeting with my partners to go through the creative strategies and divergent thinking solutions. I loved all the ideas in the workshop and I can’t wait to get there. Again, thank you so much!”

Rachel Moore

Co-founder of Madison Modern Home, Los Angeles
"Those 90 minutes articulated ideas I've only ever briefly thought about and helped validate my current workflow whilst simultaneously changing/enhancing it.

Jake's designed this as a 'no-BS, let’s just get down to the nitty gritty, which is why this workshop works phenomenally. 


Grime Artist and Crypto Consultant, Birmingham UK
"The first thing Jake did was break right through my mental barrier. He taught me to see my weaknesses as strengths and problems as opportunities. He pushed me to think differently, and in doing that, I was able to solve my problems as well as receiving expert marketing advice, mentorship, and friendly encouragement.

It felt like I was in the dark, but Jake turned on the light, and I saw the way to go next

Antonia Ivanova, Professional Youtuber
"We didn’t know what to expect but the workshop with Jake was very valuable. It opened a whole world of possibilities and we were able to see the big picture which removed the uncertainty and anxiety.

Jake’s creative process is a great shift in mindset. We came up with some great ideas and have a plan going forward. We were left feeling invigorated” 

Ricky and Suzi

Co-founders of Allure 7, Valencia
Thanks so much for this, Jake. The session was super, super helpful for getting me unstuck on how to move forward with my business. It was such a relief to get all the crap out of my head. The workshop was fantastic!”

Tatiana Giberson

Founder of Evergreen Business Solutions, Calgary.
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