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Overcoming Creative Blocks

98% of 5 year olds are creative geniuses according to NASA’s research. Only 2% maintain this into adulthood. Our fear and self doubt hold us back. We get in our own way. We don't take risks and stay in our lanes. Remove the creative blocks and you will create your best work.

Stand Out in Crowded Markets

Every market is crowded. Build a Niche for one. Stop following the crowd. They're creating ordinary work. Embrace your weirdness, stick two fingers up at averageness, and find the courage to create authentic, extraordinary work. Be Yourself. Stand out. Get noticed.

Managing Pressure

Being an artist or creator isn't easy. The treadmill of work is relentless. Stress and pressure cripple creativity. This leads to creative burnout, which kills momentum and often careers. You will manage stress and pressure and be more focused and productive.

Turn your Audience into Super Fans

It’s important that we master our craft. To be able surf the chaos of creativity and be a leader in our field. To use our empathy and generosity to connect deeply with our audience. To have an impact and and a positive influence on others with our creativity.

Build a Framework

 You need to be in the top percentage to succeed. We set process goals and a plan of action. You need to show up and do the work. You need to outperform the competition. I teach you mental toughness strategies used by elite athletes to help you achieve your business goals.

Get Clarity and Focus

Mental models have been used by Aristotle, Einstein and Elon Musk to have better ideas and make better decisions. I use mental models to create step by step business strategies that give you clarity and direction -and a competitive creative advantage.
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Getting started

Three simple steps to get started

1. Introduction Call

We arrange a complimentary call to discuss your needs. We see if I can help your not.

2. Psychometric Assessment

You complete the psychometric assessment and we discuss the results and areas you want to focus on.

3. Programme Creation

I then prepare a bespoke coaching programme based on the results and we begin the coaching sessions.
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What my clients say

"When I first started working with Jake, I was in a place of feeling burnt out from my Esports career and unsure of where to turn or what next move to make. The passion I once had was outlived and I was in a place filled with confusion. Although I had a great time being a professional player, those 3 years of ups and downs had a huge impact on me... both positive and negative. Jake was there to help me make sense and process it all.

Jake taught me a variety of skills and lessons I'll carry for the rest of my life, but the most important was learning how to separate my true self from the ego that’s been built up over the years. From trauma as a child to competing on a big stage in front of an audience, my ego was constantly developing and I had no idea the impact it was truly having on me and my daily life.

In my mind, I've always known the idea of an ego as a prideful thing you had, but Jake quickly showed me there’s not only an arrogant side to the ego and I was experiencing it. Perfection, people pleasing, need to prove, and protection were all signs of my ego taking over. With Jake’s help I was able to start the lifelong process of winning those everyday battles with my ego and understanding my true self.!"

Stefano Disalvo
Retired Professional Gamer

"I came to Jake during a period of extreme overwork and burnout.  Through our sessions, he helped me unveil deep rooted habits and negative mindset that were sapping my energy and holding me back from achieving my highest level of potential.  With the tools and mindset I've gained through our work, I am now able to balance high profile client projects with entrepreneurial endeavors at the peak level of performance through mental and emotional efficiency, not overwork!"

Michael Meinhart
Software Consultant for Disney, Warner Brothers, Fox, Activision and Silicon Valley Startups

"Jake represents the very best knowledge around continued, sustained peak creative performance. If you wish to perform at the highest level with high output, over time, you cannot just wait for inspiration or the stars to align. The tools, systems and advice Jake provides is invaluable to anyone caught up in the grind, and struggling to keep their head above water."

Dylan Meyer—O’Brien
CEO of VC backed Prepared.ly

"Hey Jake, I just wanna thank you again for all your help! I’m not even kidding it’s changing my whole approach!  I will continue literally everyday with the techniques you have taught me!"

Jong Lee ( Peach Luffe)
Professional artist and musician

“I worked with Jake over a 2 month period. Not only did he help me with creative business strategies but he created a mental toughness programme that has changed my outlook. I am much more productive, creative and better equipped to deal with the constant stresses and pressures of the music industry.”

Signed singer/songwriter
Major Record label

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