Hi. I'm Jake

Founder of Creative Hackers

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A little bit about me

I'm a disruptive creative thinking consultant.

I help maverick brands stand out in crowded markets, and make more money with disruptive creative thinking strategies.

We are all a bit weird. I am certainly no exception!!

A creative rebel on a never ending path of trouble making and truth seeking.

I managed some of the then biggest DJs in the world. A multi-platinum pop band and multiple international hit songwriters and producers.

I built creative strategies and personal brands for artists who sold millions.

I also fucked up spectacularly on several occasions.

I have 25 + years experience turning audiences into super fans. Taking new artists and creators to the very top. 

I have employed creative hacks, mental models and mental toughness for years to help creative rebels perform at their best under pressure.  

This was key to turning unknown artists into market leaders, scoring # 1 singles and albums, selling millions of albums, singles and hundreds of millions of streams.

Then I burnt out. Badly.

Really badly...so I quit.

And now I work with risk taking rebellious brands to make a fucking racket in crowded markets.

I also blog a lot. Which is nice.

Collectively my management clients achieved the following:


  • 49 Top 40 singles
  • 16 Top 10 singles
  • 2 Number 1 smash hits
  • 4 Top 10 UK albums
  • Including a Number 1 album 


  • 7 Best International DJ awards
  • 4 Brit nominations. 


  • 2 million albums
  • 5 million singles
  • Over 750 million streams
  • Sold out arena shows worldwide
  • Over 1 million ticket sold
  • Gold, platinum and multi-platinum sales awards

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