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Disruptive Creative Thinking

In 1968, NASA had a problem. They needed to find the most creative and innovative scientists and engineers to win the space race in order to get the first man on the moon.

There was no such test.

So they got Dr George Land to create one. It worked well. It was so simple NASA tested 1,600 5 year old kids.

They were astonished. 98% were creative geniuses.

They tested the same kids 5 years later. This time only 30% remained creative geniuses.

They tried again 5 years later and this time only 12% were creative geniuses.

They stopped after that. It was too depressing.

They did, however, test 280,000 adults. Only 2% passed.

Credit: 99 Designs

Dr George Land came to two conclusions:

1) The education system taught people to memorise and repeat instead of create and innovate.

They taught us to outcomes.

WTF is that?!!

10 + 10 = 20. That is an outcome. There is only one possible correct answer.

This is convergent thinking.

A better question would be: how many numbers can be added together to get 20?

This opens up loads of different possibilities.

This is called divergent thinking.

With convergent thinking we solve problems through a very narrow lens.

Divergent thinking allows us to solve problems with a wide lens. Divergent thinking allows us to see what others can't. It allows to see opportunities others miss.

Every entrepreneur knows that business is about solving other people's problems. I help founders and CEOs solve bigger and deeper problems that give them a competitive advantage.

We do this by thinking differently.

2) Fear.

We are scared of looking stupid or people laughing at our ideas.

Competitive Strategy

Most markets are crowded. Globalisation is commoditising industries.

Your product and service is the same as your competitors. Stop following the crowd.

Herd thinking is the quickest route to mediocrity.

There are a number of strategies you can employ to give you a competitive advantage, even in service industries.

I create strategy canvases for clients to analyse their competitors strengths and weakness. We then find uncontested gaps, opportunities and disruptive strategies within them.

Most companies have piss poor strategies. Strategies are like icebergs. Only 10% are visible about the water.

This is your competitors strategy. We help founders create deep strategies that give founders a competitive advantage.

Build An Innovation Culture

"Pace of innovation in our competitive advantage" Elon Musk

We're not competing with Tesla, thankfully. However, we are all in competitive markets.

Creating a culture of innovation and creativity within your company is the best long term strategy to maintain a competitive advantage.

I teach teams the framework in order to do that. I also introduce psychological safety.

WTF is that?

" No but...." is banned in response to ideas. Only "Yes and..." is permitted. People are afraid of looking stupid and getting criticised so they limit their creativity and keep their ideas to themselves.

The best ideas are illogical. Nearly every idea that has changed the world was originally scoffed at.

Most companies use brainstorming wrongly. They hamstring the process. I teach you the best way to use brainstorming to get the maximum innovation and creative output.

Get Clarity and Focus

Mental models have been used by Aristotle, Albert Einstein and Elon Musk to make better decisions and change the world. 

Elon Musk credits first principle thinking with getting rockets into space and creating electric batteries small enough to power Teslas.

As far as testimonials go they don’t come much bigger than that, huh?

Credit: www.nesslabs.com

The biggest cause of businesses failure across any market is assumptions. Assumption of what your community wants and needs.

I employ mental models to de-risk creative business ideas.

Proven models to help remove market assumptions and help clarify the vision. This does not guarantee success but it does diminish the chances of failure. 

I also use mental models to create better business strategies and build on new creative business opportunities. 

It’s only by asking the difficult questions that we can focus on the core fundamentals.

This gives you the best shot and the quickest route.

Mental Contrasting

We're all dreaming about the success of our latest project and business.

We don't think of all the obstacles in the way. All the months, years even, of slogging our guts out. Struggling to get clients and compete in crowded markets.

The research is clear, in order to increase our chances of remaining consistent we need to do what performance psychologists call mental contrasting.

Mental contrasting is considering all the obstacles as well as dreaming of the rainbows and unicorns.

The best mental model for this is called W.O.O.P

• Wish — Which goal do you want to achieve? 

• Outcome — How will you feel when you achieve the goal?

• Obstacle — What are your main obstacles?

• Plan — How are you going to overcome the obstacles?

credit: mindfulambition.net

This system has been proven to increase your chances of success by up to 60%


By working out all the obstacles you are going to face. And then creating strategies to overcome them.

When you know the issues in advance and have a plan already in place you are not only mentally prepared but you are also more confident.

Business is entirely unpredictable.

We plan for the best but prepare for the worst.

Performing under Pressure

Being a founder and CEO isn't easy.

Work is non stop. It’s a relentless treadmill. Stress and pressure cripple both creativity and productivity.

Getting to the top of your niche will the hardest thing you will ever do.

Humans don’t tend to perform well under constant stress and pressure. This is where mental toughness comes in. 

credit: www.techtello.com
What is mental toughness?

Dr. Jim Loehr is the world's leading performance coach. He has personally coached 17 world # 1 athletes to the top of their game. 

He also founded the human performance institute in Florida. It has coached thousands of the world’s top performers across business, sport, elite armed forces and the FBI. 

He build the methodology in the 1980's to help strong athletes become champions.

Mental toughness can be taught. It is proven to increase performance levels up to 25%. 

It is widely used by elite athletes, entrepreneurs and elite armed forces. 

It helps install extra grit, resilience and stickability to people that practice it. 

It will let you cope and channel stress and pressure. To perform at your best regardless of the obstacles.

It’s the difference between being good and great. 

Elite sports is famously considered to be 70% mental. This is also true of elite creativity and entrepreneurship.

Mental toughness will give you a competitive advantage in establishing yourself in some of the planets most competitive markets. 

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