How I do it

My process to create a competitive advantage

Strategy is about the choices we make to create more value to the market in a unique way


"if you define the problem correctly you almost have the solution" - Steve Jobs

The first step is to deep dive into the problem and view it from many different angles.


Secondly, we diagnose the problem and turn it into a challenge statement to solves your clients problems in a deeper, more insightful manner to your competition

Strategy Board:

We co-create a strategy board to turn assumptions into customer opportunities. We solve new problems, or we solve the same old problems, differently.

Competitor Analysis:

We do strategy canvases to spot gaps in your competitors value propositions and discover new opportunities

Competitive Advantage:

We create and execute a strategy that will help you stand out, disrupt your market segment and then position your company to give you a competitive advantage

Disruptive creative strategies succeed when they deliver unique value in a unique way.

This is always our goal.

Some famous examples:

IKEA: Designer, stylish, furniture so cheap anyone can buy it

Tesla: Electric cars that stand for performance and economy

AirBnB: A home away from home

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