18 Ways To Kill Your Creativity

And Your Career
18 Ways To Kill Your Creativity
Jake McNeill
June 24, 2021
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Always think the same way

Don’t change anything. Think the same way. Do not question your thinking. Do not use critical thinking tools to expand the scope and depth of your thinking.

Always allow your brain to follow the path of least resistance. Do not question this. 

Don’t follow your gut

Only work with logic. Do not follow your gut instinct on projects or life. Only work in a binary fashion. Everything is either black or white. 

Even when your intuition is screaming at you to take a different turn, travel the same route you have traveled many times before. 

Stay in your comfort zone

Believe that imposter syndrome is a bad thing. Avoid it. How? Don’t challenge yourself. Coast it. Don’t create anything that scares you. 

Settle. Curb your ambition. Be more average.  Blend in. Be vanilla.  

Know your limitations 

Accept you’re not as creative as others. Don’t try and learn new skills. Do not increase your creative thinking. Stay where you are. Do what you’ve always done. 

Settle. Curb your ambition. Be more average.  Blend in.

Do not under any circumstances question your limiting beliefs. 

Follow the status quo

Do not question authority. Do not question the system. Follow the crowd. Do what they do. 

Create the same content everyone else. Don’t stand out.

Be Negative

Always question new ideas. Look for reasons why it won’t work. Stick with them. Talk other people out of the new ideas. Rain on their parade.

Never even try anything new. If it ain’t broke….

Always listen to experts

Experts know what they’re talking about. That’s why they’re experts.

Accept what they say as the truth and never, ever, question them or their ideas. 

Don’t ask questions

Asking questions makes us look foolish. Asking questions shows we’re not experts. Never do this. Just pretend we already know everything. 

Don’t be childish

Never tap into your inner child. Never use playful imagination to create work. Never look from a child's perspective to give you unique angles and insights.


Obsess over every tiny detail. Even though you know nobody else will notice them. 

Never be happy with your work. Always pick faults. Be insecure.

Even when others compliment your work think there’s just being polite. 

Overcomplicate everything

Never look to simplify. Always look for a complex solution. Overthink everything. 

Never, ever, take the simple solution. Simple solutions can’t be trusted. Only believe in complex solutions. 

Succumb to fear

Hide from fear. Avoid it. Dilute your creativity. Be bland. Create vanilla products. Create average stuff for average people. 

Never leave the 9-5 you hate. Live a life of quiet desperation knowing you are the architect of your own destruction. 

Never try anything you haven’t done before

It might fail. Avoid it. Do stuff that has been done 100 times before.

It’s safer. 

Care what others think

Care more about what others think. Always follow trends until they lose popularity and then claim you were never into them anyway.

Judge your work through the eyes of others. Never have an opinion on your creative work until the market has decided. 

Pigeonhole People

Always Pigeonhole people. Put them in boxes. Underestimate them. Never look for their hidden potential.

Never encourage them to flourish. 

Don’t take action

Have ideas. Never take action. Fantasise about success and do nothing about it. 

Self Worth

Invest your self-worth into the likes, comments, and engagement of your content. Have a wee swagger when things are going well, and be withdrawn and lack confidence when they’re not. 


Fantasise about success. When the reality doesn’t meet the fantasy get discouraged and quit.

Never, ever, consider the obstacles in your way. Or come up with a strategy to deal with the inevitable obstacles.

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